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Fortify for Fall - Deja Vu

By Ted R. Borgstadt

I recently reread an article I wrote last summer, Fortify for Fall. The article was written four months after the start of the pandemic, encouraging people to get themselves in better physical and mental shape to be prepared for the projected escalation of COVID-19 during the fall and winter. Since no vaccine had been approved in 2020, the significance of controlling our own health issues was of paramount importance to help limit our own risk. Read More

Stress Management

We want you to know that TrestleTree is here for you to help manage your stress. Members and your family can work with a TrestleTree Health Coach to better understand your stress so you can put good coping strategies into effect.

Your unique life circumstances and sources of stress drive the content of coaching. In addition to identifying triggers for stress, you and your Health Coach can discuss stress symptoms, how to monitor these symptoms, how stress and health are related, and how to build a toolbox of stress management techniques that will work for you.


"I have a wonderful couple that is elderly and they have a good stock of supplies and food so they are only going out to enjoy their LifeJoy which is driving around in their car, not going anywhere in particular, just enjoying the scenery of nature.

This is their way of 'getting out, while being safe.'"

At Home Exercise

Hagrid the Domesticated Dog

Noah the Hamster

Sydney the Pufferfish

Mia the Cat

Emotional Eating

At a time when there is heightened stress and our access to food may be changed, emotional eating may be a concern for some of us. This presentation will explore the connections between emotions and eating, differentiate between emotional and mindful eating, help you increase personal awareness about your triggers/emotions and food, and provide tools and strategies for coping with emotional eating.

Understanding Stress and Its Impact on Health

Given the added stress of COVID-19, it can be important to understand stress and its impact on our health. This presentation will talk about the history of stress, present research on the impact of stress, help you recognize signs and symptoms of stress on our health, help you evaluate your stress and coping skills, and identify ways to effectively respond to stress.

Sleep Your Way to Better Health

Sleep is one of the most important factors in good health, and good sleep can be difficult to get even during the best of times. During these unusual times, there may be more disruptions to our sleep. This presentation will help you understand the importance of good sleep, highlight the impact of sleep loss, discuss sleep science such as cycles and rhythms, identify behaviors that interfere with sleep, identify effective ways to get good sleep, and explore strategies for personal sleep improvement.

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