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Predicting Risk & Matching Needs

Even before the first opioid script is written, TrestleTree is capable of predicting the person’s risk for opioid abuse and addiction through our proprietary Opioid Risk Prediction Tool. TrestleTree believes that predicting and preventing the opioid problem before it starts is the best approach to curbing the crisis. TrestleTree is also able to prevent these high-risk individuals from hitting an unintentional slippery slope of opioid abuse and addiction via TrestleTree’s unique behavior change coaching. TrestleTree’s core expertise lies in helping people change when change is difficult. When someone is in pain, opioids may prove a viable option—at the same time, opioids can have unintended consequences that impact not only the individual but the community around them.

Predict: TrestleTree's Opioid Risk Prediction Tool

Developed by a leading pharmacy research school, it predicts who is at risk of misuse, abuse, and addiction, which allows us to design an individualized approach to curbing the opioid crisis.


Data & graph taken from the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

Prevent: TrestleTree's Opioid Coaching

We focus on understanding misuse and abuse, communicating with providers, and exploring evidence-based alternatives for pain management.​

Our Coaches undergo 200+ training hours in the TrestleTree model, 8 hours of medical education from Harvard Medical School, 16 hours of targeted opioid training, and continued one-on-one supervision.​



Press Release: TrestleTree Acquires Opioid Risk Prediction Tool

TrestleTree, LLC has signed an exclusive agreement for the rights to an Opioid Risk Prediction Tool, which aims to pre-identify individuals susceptible to opioid abuse and addiction before the first opioid prescription is written. Read More

Press Release: One Call Launches New Biopsychosocial Health Program

One Call, the nation's leading provider of specialized healthcare solutions for the workers' compensation industry, has partnered with TrestleTree, a company that offers behavioral health coaching services and proprietary opioid risk prediction tools, to accelerate an injured worker's road to recovery. Read More

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