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Weight Loss Success Through Understanding Individuals

brown haired woman smiling with long sleeve blue shirt and white undershirt

Behavior change at TrestleTree is about identifying sustainable ways to live a healthier life based on an individual's health and life story. It is working with a person among the nuances of their life that make our program successful. Today's Story of Success reflects the passions of this participant and the great outcomes she and her Health Coach achieved together.

This TrestleTree participant was happy to partner with her Health Coach to support her weight loss efforts. They worked together to set realistic fitness goals and build an exercise routine that would best suit her. They chose a variety of exercises that included walking, Zumba, and gym workouts. Her Health Coach also helped her develop a plan to replace tempting, unhealthy foods with more nutritional options that would support her weight loss journey. During her time in coaching, this TrestleTree participant lost 16 pounds and continues to be motivated to make healthy choices!

TrestleTree Stories of Success


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