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TrestleTree was founded on the belief that anyone, regardless of level of motivation, can change difficult health behaviors and sustain those changes long-term.

smiling middle aged white blonde woman with orange glasses wearing a light blue turtleneck and dark blue coat pointing at the mission and vision

Give you personalized guidance and motivation to help you achieve your weight loss goals, ensuring a sustainable and successful journey.

Who It's For

TrestleTree's whole-person approach is designed to help you take proactive steps towards a happier, healthier life. Your Health Coach can...

TrestleTree's Health Coaching Program

Western & Southern is proud to partner with TrestleTree  to bring you a comprehensive approach to achieving your health goals

How It Works

Fully covered by Western & Southern for employees and dependents 18 and older on our medical plan

Together with your Health Coach, you'll create a personalized roadmap to reach your goals

Talk with your Health Coach in person in Health Services (Cincinnati based associates), by phone, or virtually, during conveniently scheduled appointments

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