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Motivated During a Pandemic

young woman smiling with hands in her pocket

At TrestleTree, the influential work provided by our Health Coaches is life-changing. Even amidst the pandemic, this participant was hopeful and motivated to improve her health.

With the help of her TrestleTree Health Coach, the participant started exercising and made some changes to her eating habits, and she was proud to report weight loss for the first time in a long time. Recently, she was discouraged after not exercising all weekend and described herself as “lazy”. Her Health Coach noticed a change in the participant’s tone and behavior, and the participant disclosed her anxiety about the new COVID-19 strain. Her Health Coach validated her concerns and reminded her how COVID-19 has served as a motivator to improve her health habits to build greater defense against the virus. Additionally, while she is unable to control the virus or other aspects of her environment, she and her Health Coach focused on what she can control: following continued safety precautions, practicing newly developed stress management techniques, and continuing to focus on healthy lifestyle habits, including good sleep, exercise, and food choices. The participant was able to refocus on improving her health in the midst of continued uncertainty with the pandemic!

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