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Point32Health Recognizes TrestleTree for Volunteer Leadership

TrestleTree honored as Volunteer Team of the Year at Community Spirit Awards

TrestleTree was selected as the Point32Health Team of the Year. Point32Health’s annual Community Spirit Awards recognize employees, leaders, and teams making a meaningful contribution to community through volunteer service.

“ This year’s nominees are inspiring and reflect dedication to a cause, a commitment to community, the importance of partnership and the simple truth that when our communities thrive, we all do. Supporting communities we serve through volunteerism is one way that we advance our community of care and work towards healthier lives for everyone. ”

- Nora Moreno Cargie, President, Point32Health Foundation

Vice President, Corporate Citizenship, Point32Health

From left to right: Nora Moreno Cargie (Point32Health VP of Corporate Citizenship), Teresa Frihart (TrestleTree WorkJoy Committee Leader), Cain Hayes (Point32Health CEO), Adam Scott (Point32Health President of Diversified Business)

At TrestleTree, we believe in servant leadership and we are grateful to be able to give back to our local community in Northwest Arkansas by partnering with organizations like the Northwest Arkansas Children's Shelter. Northwest Arkansas Children's Shelter has served more than 12,000 children in need of a safe haven and loving care – providing each of them hope for a brighter future.

" I am thankful that our organization started community service for WorkJoy over 20 years ago. It is great to have alignment with P32H on the heart and soul of serving others in need within our communities. "

- Ted Borgstadt, TrestleTree Co-Founder and CEO

From left to right: Teresa Frihart (TrestleTree - Team of the Year), Sa'adiyah Masoud (Volunteer of the Year), Cain Hayes (Point32Health CEO), Patty Blake (Leader of the Year)


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