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Hard Work, Persistence & Commitment

middle aged man smiling with his arms crossed

True behavior change is achieved with hard work, persistence, and commitment. TrestleTree's focus is to create sustainable changes in health behaviors. Today's Story of Success illustrates how TrestleTree health coaching can influence transition from struggle to success by matching and moving participants through the appropriate steps in their health journey.

This TrestleTree participant shared with his Health Coach that he struggles with consistency when building good habits. Variables such as injuries, social factors, and stress have slowed him down despite his efforts to manage his unstable blood pressure and weight. He appreciates the health coaching program for helping him set goals that involve exercise and nutrition tracking and improvements. His Health Coach has been able to suggest sustainable nutritional ideas that interest him and identify ways for him to consistently get more exercise. His weight has decreased from 193 to 170 pounds, and his blood pressure went from an average of 144/90 mmHg to an average of 118/78 mmHg. He no longer needs his blood pressure medication, which is a huge victory!

TrestleTree Stories of Success


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