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Individualized Approach to Quit Tobacco

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TrestleTree Health Coaches partner with individuals to create behavior change amidst the nuances of their own lives. It is through understanding someone's health and life along with how they are intricately connected that TrestleTree's model for behavior change is effective. Today's Story of Success is no exception.

This TrestleTree participant engaged in health coaching to quit smokeless tobacco. He and his Health Coach explored his tobacco history, which included starting at a young age because it was regularly used by his teammates in different sports. They discussed the pros of quitting, as well as the importance of changing his routine, using alternatives, and cutting back gradually over time. With the help of his Coach, he started making changes, such as delaying his chews, brushing his teeth more regularly, meditating, and exercising. He successfully cut down to 1 can every 1 ½ weeks, and he is confident this is his last quit attempt ever!

TrestleTree Stories of Success


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