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Multi-Goal Focus

Today's #StoryofSuccess highlights TrestleTree's multi-goal focus when working with participants to achieve behavior change. Even with barriers, this participant was able to achieve great weight loss success and develop a sustainable long-term plan.


This TrestleTree participant enrolled in health coaching focused on losing weight. He and his Health Coach explored his weight loss story and identified his tendency to lose weight when he stays active. He had history of joint injury, which limited his exercise, so they worked to incorporate upper body strengthening and other exercises, such as riding a stationary bike and stretching. He and his Health Coach also discussed his nutrition and focused on tracking his food intake, incorporating low carb, high protein snacks and expanding his knowledge around good nutrition with articles about targeted topics. He has worked hard to stick with a specific calorie count, make healthier snack choices, and eat a more balanced diet. Upon graduation from coaching, he lost 15 pounds and developed a sustainable plan for long-term health!

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