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Setting Goals

middle aged woman smiling at camera

Another great TrestleTree #StoryofSuccess to share today emphasizing the value of goal setting to achieve optimal health outcomes!

After undergoing a knee replacement and completing rehabilitation, this TrestleTree participant missed going to her PT appointments and the progress she made with regular exercise. The idea of joining a gym was outside her comfort zone, though she was now considering it and discussing it with her Health Coach. She set goals with her Health Coach, taking it step by step: visiting a gym; then signing up for a membership, and then meeting with a personal trainer. She is now consistently exercising at her gym 3-4 times weekly, for an hour each workout. In addition to regaining her strength and mobility, she decreased her A1c from the prediabetes range back to normal – 6.4% to 5.2%! She is also working with her Health Coach to make nutritional changes, such as increasing fruits and vegetables, adjusting portion sizes, increasing her water intake, eating healthy snacks and tracking her food intake. She is pleased with her progress and eager to continue her journey toward optimal health!

TrestleTree Stories of Success


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