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Real people sharing their stories of positive and lasting change. TrestleTree believes at its core that people can change, they sometimes just need our help along the way.

"Ever since I knew what overweight was, I’ve been aware that I was"

Bennie Mayshack

"If I didn’t have health, I am sure life wouldn’t mean what it does now"

Dale Hart

"People that are highly resistant and are extremely skeptical of you and giving you a very stand offish attitude... being able to feel equipped with how to navigate that and turn it around to a positive experience is a tribute to the TrestleTree training"

Amanda H., TrestleTree Health Coach

"Other health coaches I had worked with had a set of rules. With Diane it was a's a one-on-one independent, individualized approach. She is extraordinarily responsive to the things that I say."

Sue Ronayne, University of Maine

"As an older gentleman with a younger child I will not be the person who is struggling to get around if my health can be improved by making simple decisions. We all have medical issues but I will not be that person anymore that allows himself to be lazy."

Mike Manning, General Dynamics

“It’s a lifestyle, it’s got to be a lifestyle. I've had excellent results. I'm on the right path to continue in that same direction. Being human we want to live, it’s in our DNA. I have grandkids...I don’t want to cut my life short…You can’t give up.”

Darryl Johnson, Princeton University

"A wife came up to me with tears in her eyes, shook my hand and said, thank you for finally getting my husband to do all the things I have tried to get him to do all of these years."

Ashley H., TrestleTree Health Coach

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