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Hope for Better Health

middle aged asian american woman in bright pattern dress smiling

TrestleTree health coaching is designed to provide accessible hope and achievable health through work with a Health Coach. Our intensely trained Coaches provide tangible and sustainable opportunities for long-lasting health improvements through connection with their participants and a deep understanding of their lives, along with their motivators and barriers. Today's Story of Success is a prime example of gaining hope toward achieving better health.

This TrestleTree participant is hopeful for her future after completing the first two health coaching appointments. She previously quit smoking during her pregnancies and returned to smoking, as she finds it difficult to abstain in the absence of pregnancy. She desires better health, to be free of smoking, and to eliminate the cost of cigarettes for her family. She and her Health Coach explored the pros and cons of quitting versus continuing to smoke. She easily identified the cons and found it more difficult to identify the pros, except that smoking was an escape. They worked together to develop a plan for coping along with an overall quit plan. She began to cut back on her smoking and likes the idea of gradually reducing her smoking as she goes. She feels confident in her ability to achieve and especially sustain a quit through coaching!

TrestleTree Stories of Success


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