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Maintaining Lifestyle and Improving Health

young woman smiling in black workout clothes

Learning to manage stress amidst a busy, high-functioning lifestyle is key to ongoing success. See how this TrestleTree participant worked with her Health Coach to maintain her lifestyle and improve her health at the same time!

This TrestleTree participant took full advantage of the health coaching program to focus on multiple areas of her health. She concentrated her efforts on increasing exercise and maintaining good nutrition, working with her Health Coach to identify opportunities for health improvement amidst a very busy lifestyle. Additionally, due to a high stress level, they worked together to identify the sources of her stress and implement stress management techniques based on her schedule. She worked with her Health Coach to progressively increase her focus on herself and her health, learning how to weigh the pros/cons of different situations and choosing what is best for her. She is losing weight and enjoying her progress with health coaching, positive lifestyle changes, and stress management!

TrestleTree Stories of Success


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