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Making Health a Priority

Making health a priority can be difficult. Life is full of challenges, and it's especially difficult to continue dedicating energy where there is little progress. Today's #StoryOfSuccess exemplifies the importance of seeking additional help from a healthcare provider when something doesn't seem right. TrestleTree Health Coaches work with their participants to enhance communication with their providers and more confidently address their health concerns.


This TrestleTree participant enrolled in health coaching for weight loss with a history of sleep apnea. He previously had difficulty losing weight, which left him feeling down and uncertain about his ability to make meaningful progress with his weight. He frequently complained of feeling tired with weak, sore muscles and ongoing low energy levels. His Health Coach encouraged him to get an annual physical with his primary care physician to include physical evaluation and labs. His thyroid levels were out of range, and he was provided proper medication therapy. He reports now feeling better both physically and mentally, and he is so happy he committed to his health. He is especially grateful to the health coaching program for encouraging him to seek additional help from his physician and for helping him to make meaningful progress with his health!

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