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Power of Collaboration

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Sometimes people know they need to make changes to improve their health and have difficulty navigating the process. TrestleTree Health Coaches connect with individuals and work with them to create a tangible and sustainable path forward. Today's Story of Success illustrates the coach-participant partnership and the power of collaboration.

This TrestleTree participant was very excited about health coaching from the beginning and felt it was just what he needed to achieve his health goals. Like others, he “knew what he needed to do,” although he struggled putting that plan into action. He used to be very healthy and exercised frequently, although more recently, he put on 25 pounds and was not happy with his weight. He joined a gym and thought he could resume his old routines but was so sore the next day he could hardly move his arms. He and his Health Coach developed a plan to increase exercise in a manageable way. Regarding nutrition, he said there was a lot of junk food in his house that he feels unable to resist, and he drinks diet soda every day. They worked together to achieve a healthy balance with nutrition while at home and during work travel, including healthier alternatives when eating out, nutritious snacks to keep in the car, and more water consumption. He is so receptive to health coaching and committed to improving his health!

TrestleTree Stories of Success


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