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Understanding What Works for You

young man smiling with his hands folded

During health coaching, TrestleTree Coaches work with participants to understand previous successes and failures, motivators and challenges. In today's Story of Success, this participant made great progress toward his health goals by understanding what worked well for him within the context of his own life.

This TrestleTree participant enrolled in health coaching for support with weight loss. His overall goal was to lose 20 pounds. As part of his plan, he and his Health Coach discussed past weight loss attempts and his sources of motivation, which included a desire for more energy to spend with his children. They focused on improving his eating habits and enhancing his exercise with incorporation of strength conditioning and more aerobic activity. Due to a history of high cholesterol, he and his Health Coach also discussed the importance of lab monitoring. Upon evaluation, his cholesterol metrics were good, and his physician was pleased. He lost 24 pounds, his waist circumference decreased from 39 to 35 inches, and he reports more energy and better sleep. He and his Coach celebrate this progress, and he is confident these will be lifelong changes for him!

TrestleTree Stories of Success


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