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Identifying Frustrations

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Life throws us curveballs and doesn't always go as planned, which oftentimes, affects our health. At TrestleTree, we understand that life is messy, and it's through understanding and embracing the messiness that we navigate sustainable health behavior change. Today's Story of Success embraces health coaching as a means to identify frustrations and barriers.

This TrestleTree participant enrolled in health coaching very frustrated with her weight and health. She loved to exercise, although she suffered from a health problem that prevented her from continuing her strenuous routine. She was motivated to lose weight, though doubtful a new way of exercising would produce notable weight loss. Although she continued to exercise, it was far less than her previous routine, and this left her with a lot of negative feelings. She and her Health Coach identified that she was coping with her situational frustrations and stress by eating. As a result, she began to also focus on her eating habits, as this is the area she felt she had the most control. She learned proper portion sizes of foods and desserts. As she began eating a healthy combination of foods with the right portions, she reported fewer cravings for sweets and felt satisfied with less food. She also knew the support of a Health Coach helped keep her on track. With more control of her eating and acceptance of her new norms, she felt less stressed and frustrated. Over time, she reintroduced more exercise at a less intense level. Within four months, she lost 15 pounds and 2 inches off her waist, and she was committed to continuing her progress!

TrestleTree Stories of Success


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