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Life Happens

middle aged man smiling

Sometimes "life happens" and what's most important is getting back on track. Today's Story of Success illustrates how partnership with TrestleTree Health Coaches guides individuals toward positive changes in their health and creates internal motivation within participants.

This TrestleTree participant joined the health coaching program because “life happened.” Over 20 years, his lifestyle habits worsened, and he gained a lot of weight. A recent diagnosis of borderline diabetes triggered him to change something. His ultimate goal was to avoid taking additional medication since he already took medication to manage his blood pressure and cholesterol. Through collaboration with his Health Coach and intentional focus on exercise and nutrition, he made sustainable lifestyle changes and lost 16 pounds and three inches from his waist! Additionally, he obtained a blood pressure monitor and is now checking his blood pressure daily. He is eager for his next health screening to see how his new focus on health has positively impacted his lab values. He finds the health coaching program so helpful that he chose to continue participation even after achieving his incentive, eager to continue his health improvement journey!

TrestleTree Stories of Success


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