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One Step at a Time

middle aged man smiling with his arms crossed

One step at a time...Big progress is often the collection of many small changes along the way. Today's Story of Success shows how collaboration with a TrestleTree Health Coach and making one small change at a time can result in huge health improvements, even for unmotivated individuals.

This TrestleTree participant enrolled in health coaching with a history of diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Initially, he was very unmotivated to make any changes, however, his A1C was creeping up, and the possibility of insulin therapy was discussed with his physician. At the start of coaching, he was not monitoring his blood sugar, wasn’t exercising regularly, and reported poor food choices, especially loving sweets and soda. He and his Health Coach began working on his nutrition, and he used a food diary to track his food intake. They started with a breakfast plan and subsequently focused on each meal after he was comfortable with the changes. He started using a diabetes cookbook, drinking smoothies, cutting out soda and most sweets, drinking more water, and increasing his vegetable and fruit intake. He also increased his exercise to daily walking with an occasional bike ride and started monitoring his blood sugar three times daily. Through collaboration with his Health Coach and engagement in sustainable lifestyle changes, he lowered his A1c from 8.0% to 6.9% and lost 17 pounds while engaged in health coaching!

TrestleTree Stories of Success


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