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Overcoming Barriers

tan middle aged woman smiling with her arms crossed

Achieving good health is not always easy or obvious, and significant barriers get in the way of success. Health Coaches at TrestleTree embrace a participant's health and life story, understand their achievements and barriers, and help create a tangible and sustainable plan to achieve health related goals. Today's Story of Success is a prime example of how coaching can help someone improve their health.

This TrestleTree participant has skeletal problems and knew she needed to walk for better health, but she “just couldn’t get into it.” She and her Health Coach identified the barriers, including fear of walking alone on her busy, dangerous road. Through ongoing coaching appointments, they developed initial and back-up plans for exercise to ensure her success. They identified walking trails near her home, and she found a friend to walk with her. She also began participating in an exercise class when time allowed. She has increased her exercise and found back-up plans for consistency, such as walking inside when it is raining. She is also more aware of the little things in nutrition to maintain a healthy balance. She loves the tips and ideas her Health Coach provides, from portion sizes and monitoring added sugar intake throughout the day, to healthy foods she can incorporate into her meals. She now maintains a healthy weight, feels proud to avoid the need for medication therapy, and is confident that her health changes are contributing to stronger bones!

TrestleTree Stories of Success


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