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Changing Behavior for a Healthy Retirement

elderly man smiling and cheering

TrestleTree is focused on the intersection of life and health and understands the bi-directional influence they can have on each other. Today's Story of Success is about collaborating with a TrestleTree Health Coach, making tangible health behavior changes, and achieving profound outcomes. Best wishes to this participant for a healthy retirement!

This TrestleTree participant initially enrolled in health coaching for weight and blood glucose management. While working with his Health Coach, he gained awareness of portion sizes and a better understanding of which foods affect blood sugar. He significantly decreased his intake of refined carbohydrates and frequency of eating out. Regarding exercise, cardiovascular exercise was a consistent part of his routine, and he lacked regular strength training due to time commitments and occasional pain. His Health Coach encouraged him to consider using resistance bands, which he found to be much more doable and didn’t cause any pain. With coaching, he incorporated strength training exercise three times a week to meet the recommended evidence-based guidelines for exercise.

Since working with his Health Coach, he has proudly:

- Lost 33 pounds

- Reduced his BMI from 27.9 (overweight) to 23.6 (healthy range)

- Lost three inches in his waist

- Decreased his A1C from 6.3% to 5.7%, which is no longer considered pre-diabetes

He is thrilled with his progress and excited to have a sustainable plan for his health for retirement!

TrestleTree Stories of Success


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